Ridgeback designs started in April 2023 after watching a few youtubers creating various woodcraft items, having always loved wood and being a designer, builder/carpenter who could never throw wood away (like most builders do!) I decided to have a go, after having a quiet period in my general profession of home maintenance.As you get Older (a child of the 1960's) the body is not as forgiving, so I decided it's now or never.

I made a few cutting boards to start off with and kept the prototypes, having fine tuned how best to create them until I perfected the handmade process and individual patterns. I then moved onto other items such as coat rails, mug stands/holders, bread and cheese boards, food platters, small coffee tables, the list goes on.

All my products are sourced from wood and joinery shops in the UK, generally offcuts from their larger projects, I use all manner of hardwoods including Ash. Beech, Cherry, Indonesian Rosewood, Mahogany, Maple, Meranti Oak, Sapele, Walnut and many more.

My products are cleaned prior to finishing and then either stained with a water based stain, finished with a mineral oil/beeswax mixture or polyurethane. Every product made for the kitchen is foodsafe and washable. 

I love what I am doing now and my customers love the products as much as I do.